Oct 25, 2017 by Will Maule

Humanist Org Seeks To Boycott Franklin Graham's Operation Christmas Child

A humanist organization is seeking to boycott Franklin Graham's heartwarming 'Operation Christmas Child' campaign with Samaritan's Purse. The humanitarian initiative sends Christmas presents to poverty-stricken children. But the humanists say it is a distasteful way of trying to spread the gospel. 

Humanist UK Education Campaigns Manager, Jay Harman, said: "Using the donations of well-meaning parents and children as a tool for promoting an evangelical Christian agenda is appalling."

But Samaritan's Purse took issue with this assertion. "For many of these children, the gift-filled shoe box is the first gift they have ever received," a spokesman said. Operation Christmas Child was started in 1993 and has since delivered over 124 million boxes worldwide, along with a Christian message. 

"No matter where we go, we don't hide the fact that we are Christians. Shoe-box gifts are given through the local church to children, but shoe-box gifts are given to children regardless of religious affiliation and with no strings attached."

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