Sound of Adoration


Oct 25, 2017 by Will Maule

Sound Of Adoration - Jesus Culture

'Sound of Adoration' is a brilliant new song from worship group Jesus Culture. When we were lost, Jesus came and rescued us. That is the brilliant truth displayed through this beautiful song. What is the only response we can find to this amazing revelation? Total adoration for our God! Check out the lyrics and the track below. 


When we were lost ones
You were the Shepherd that carried us home
When we were prodigals
You ran to meet us with open arms
And we can't hold back our praise

When we were refugees
You were the One who took us in
When we were enemies
You paid the price for all our sin
And we can't hold back our praise

This is the sound of adoration
Oh, how we love you Jesus,
we love You
You are the joy of all creation Oh,
how we love You
Jesus, we love You

You are the Risen One
You conquered death and made a way
You sang our freedom song
Now we are dancing on our chains
And we can't hold back our praise

By the cross,
I am free
Your grace changes everything I was blind, now I see
Your grace changes everything

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