Oct 26, 2017 by HelloChristian Staff

3 Ways Christian School Teachers Can Display The Gospel To Their Students

Being a Christian teacher is no easy job, particularly in today's culture. If you say the wrong thing or let your beliefs become apparent through an interaction with a student, you run the risk of being on the end of a painful lawsuit. Many secularist campaigners are seeking to completely eradicate faith from the public school system. So, as a school teacher, how can you display the gospel to your students through the way you behave? Well, an anonymous teacher writing at ERLC gives us four top tips. 

1. Build relationships. 
"Relationships are one of the best things about being a teacher. The impact we as teachers can have with our students can literally change their lives. You never know how loving and caring for your students (even the least of these or those that resist you) could impact them. We have the ability to demonstrate the gospel when we treat every one of our students with dignity and respect."

2. Be humble. 
"I know many teachers who have been in situations where they were treated unfairly. Some said they were being targeted because of their faith. Even so, we can’t see what is in another person’s heart. Whoever this may come from—a co-worker, student, or parent—the best way we can demonstrate Christ’s grace is by loving them."

3. Be in awe. 
"If you’re like me, I would assume you enjoy the subject you teach. Whatever the content, God’s glory is displayed in immense ways through each discipline—whether it’s being in awe of God through his creation, the order in which he has created all things, the diversity and complexity of languages, how he has displayed His glory through history, or the beauty in the diversity of all peoples. As teachers, we have the amazing privilege of being in awe of his magnificence every day."

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