Preacher Joyce Meyer


Oct 31, 2017 by Will Maule

Joyce Meyer: We Must Not Recieve God's Conviction As Condemnation

Preacher Joyce Meyer has highlighted the importance of Christians being able to receive conviction and correction from God without constantly feeling condemned. "We never will change if we don't learn how to receive conviction and correction from God without letting it condemn us," says Meyer. 

"As long as you get condemned and feel guilty when you read something in the Bible that convicts you, you will not grow, the Devil just loves it that you feel worse than you did." 

"We should feel sorrow over our sins and our misconduct. But really and truly when God chastises us, it is an act of His love. He is doing it out of love. You better thank God that he loves you enough not to leave you alone in the messes that you're in."

Watch Meyer talk more about this below. 

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