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Nov 01, 2017 by Will Maule

Brett Lee Miller - Remain

Today we bring you a stunning new worship song from budding artist Brett Lee Miller. His newly released song 'Remain' is an achingly beautiful declaration of God's love and a reminder that we should always seek to thank Him for His incredible grace in our lives. With a chilled melody, some gorgeous musicianship, and a superb vocal, this is not one to miss. Check out the lyrics and the track below. 

Hope fears what blindness cannot see
But we are all just trees losing faith in seeds
Oh, what beauty lies beneath just past ability to reach
That's where wonder breathes Are we all trembling?

I think we are Broken hearts married to perfect scars
Like works of art
Bones break in the night as canons breach the walls that kept us alive
Our choices are to hide or come to brilliant life
So won't You look me in the eye and tell me that I'm fine,
That this is all design

After all my eyes have seen
After all Your love has done I find that in my questioning
Your waiting patiently to come
An invitation on Your door
A bloody letter from the war
A melody is Your reply
Upon my grave Your building life

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