Nov 03, 2017 by Will Maule

'No, Bill Johnson, I'm Not Sick Because Of A Lack Of Faith'

There is a very dangerous trend that is seeking to hijack much of the Charismatic Church and its teaching on healing: 'you are sick because of a lack of faith.' But what is the Biblical mandate for such theology? You don't have to look very far to realize that sickness and suffering is literally everywhere; it pervades every corner of the earth. Despite our faith, our bodies will eventually refuse to work as they should. Can you really assert that this is as a result of a weak faith in the power of God?

Anthony Wood addresses this issue in his new blog 'They’re Telling Me I’m Sick Cause I Lack Faith.' Wood tackles some issues raised in Bethel Pastor Bill Johnson's bestselling book 'When Heaven Invades Earth.' "The concept “sick people need more faith” runs as a theme for Johnson in his book (pp. 45, 53, 75) stating that, “Sickness is to the body what sin is to the soul” (p.45). According to Johnson and his click of followers like Todd White and Heidi Baker sickness comes from lack of faith or demonic forces," writes Wood.

"But, does the Bible indicate that sickness is due to some lack of faith or hellish consequence?"

Wood gives a firm "no" to this one. "The reality is you won’t find anyone – including supposed faith healers – who don’t eventually become sick and die. In fact, most of earth’s greatest preachers and teachers suffered from disease and forms of trial throughout their life," Wood points out.

Did these people simply not have enough faith for their healing? That seems like an extremely damaging theological assertion to heap upon the lives of the suffering. As Christians, we need to have what some call a 'theology of suffering.' We must be able to hold the tension of praying for healing and relief, whilst faithfully holding the hand of those who simply do not get better. To load the question of healing with assertions about a lack of faith is personally damaging and spiritually reckless. 

"To say that some Christians are only sick due to their lack of faith is to slight the faith of earth’s greatest saints," declares Wood. "Will we really accept that Nick Vujicic is lacking limbs due to his lack of faith?"

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