Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson


Nov 07, 2017 by Will Maule

Phil Robertson Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About The Texas Shooting

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has sought to re-write the mainstream media story on the Texas Church shooting, highlighting that men and guns are not the problem, but it is the evil in people's hearts that causes them to murder. Robertson says that without Jesus, these horrific acts will continue to occur on the earth. 

"According to The Washington Post, there are two characteristics of mass murders," Robertson says. "They are men and they have guns. I guess what they are saying is if you get rid of all men, and all guns, there will never be a murder problem."

Robertson declares that historically, all the regimes that have committed mass murder over the last century have 'no Jesus.' He also reminded Christians that those killed in that small Texas Church are in the arms of their heavenly Father. 

"They were children of the resurrection," Robertson declares of those murdered. "Don't worry about the one who can kill the body, worry about the God of heaven who can destroy both body and soul in hell."

"There are two characteristics of mass murderers: no Jesus, and the work of Satan." 

"Satan is the problem." 

"The wrath of the evil one is falling upon us," Robertson adds.

Robertson concluded by saying that when you take Jesus out of the equation, the murder rate is sky high, encouraging people to "love one another" and live according to the word of God. 

Watch him speak more below. 

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