Pastor Frank Pomeroy


Nov 13, 2017 by Will Maule

Texas Church Holds First Service Since Shooting: "The Devil Will Not Win"

Over a thousand people turned out to the first Church service held by First Baptist Sutherland Springs since the smalltown Texas community was devastated by a mass shooting last weekend. The service was held at Sutherland Springs baseball, with senior Pastor Frank Pomeroy delivering a powerful message of hope in the darkness. 

"We have the freedom to choose and rather than choose darkness as the one young man did that day I say we choose life,” Pomeroy declared to the packed Church service. “The devil will not win and that God will prevail and he has a reason for everything that he does," Jessica Tumlinson said.  

Senator John Cornyn was also seen in attendance. “We need to fix this broken background check system,” he told the press after the service. “I'll be introducing bipartisan legislation."

Watch more below. 

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