Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham Slams Archbishop For Signing Up To LGBTQ Agenda

Evangelist Franklin Graham has called out Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for signing a document encouraging schoolchildren to explore their gender identity. Graham says that the Church should stand firm against the LGBTQ agenda, which continues to gain traction and influence. 

"The Archbishop of Canterbury is in the news for signing a Church of England document that says children should be able to try out the “many cloaks of identity” and “explore the possibilities of who they are without judgement or derision,"" writes Graham on Facebook

"I’m against bullying of any kind, but children must be taught God’s truth. God “created them male and female” (Gen 5:2). The Church of England should not give in to the sinful, destructive, anti-God agenda of the LGBTQ—they should stand with God’s Word."

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