Roy Moore


Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

AL Senator On Roy Moore: 'God Help Us As We Sort Through The Mess'

An Alabam Senator has urged the state to look to God as it comes to terms with the serious allegations of sexual assault levelled against political hopeful Judge Roy Moore. Sen. Phil Williams has said that women who have "deserve the full measure of credibility that any victim should be given in cases such as these."

"On one hand, if the allegations are true, then a young woman at a defenseless position in her life was the victim of actions that no one should be subjected to - actions that may well have colored her days thereafter," Williams said, reports "On the other hand, if the allegations are untrue then we have a situation in which outright lies are being told with the sole intent to destroy the life and ruin the name of someone for the sole purpose of gaining an edge in politics."

"It is horrible to contemplate that anyone would wreak either havoc on another person - but that is the world that we live in and those are the only two possible grounds for the stories being given top billing in the media today. God help us as we sort through the mess." 

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