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Another School District Refuses To Let Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Programme

Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

A Washington state school district has become the latest to reject a Planned Parenthood sex education curriculum. Districts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina have done the same thing, citing concerns over the material provided by the abortion provider. 

“Obviously, our school board had more emails and letters on this than they did when they (adopted) the AP geometry (curriculum),” district spokesman Kevin Morrison said, according to Life News. “To say it didn’t have an impact would be an untruth.”

There was much back and forth between the school board and the advisory committee on whether or not the program should run in the district. Interestingly, there was Planned Parenthood education director on the advisory committee. Despite this, due to the opinion expressed by parents and concerned parties, the district decided not to adopt the curriculum. 

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