Frank Pomeroy


Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Pastor Urges Forgiveness After Church Shooting, Says Victims 'Dancing With Jesus'

First Baptist Sutherland Springs Pastor Frank Pomeroy has urged his congregation to choose forgiveness in light of the horrific events that struck his Church two Sunday's ago. 26 people were slaughtered during Sunday morning worship when murderous gunman Devin Kelley walked in with an automatic weapon began shooting at random. 

"I knew everybody who gave their life that day. Some of them were my best friends. And my daughter," Pomeroy said during the first service that the Church has held since to horrific shooting. "I have no doubt they're dancing with Jesus today."

"We have the freedom to proclaim Christ," Frank continued. "Folks, we have the freedom to choose, and rather than choose darkness as one young man did that day, I say we choose life."

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