Comedian John Crist


Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Comedian John Crist Stars In 'Pastor Monday Morning Press Conference'

Comedian John Crist is back at it, this time starring in a brand new skit 'Pastor Monday Morning Press Conference.' Crist is a master at identifying the unspoken opinion of Christians on the strange nuances of Church and the Christian life. In his new piece, he identifies some of the key things that went wrong with Sunday service in a 'press conference' given on Monday morning. 

"I just feel like we need to clean up some unforced errors. I walk out on stage and my mic's not on," he says. "That's just a simple thing we talk about in staff meetings and practice through the week. And then on Sunday we just can't perform."

"Attendance was down, so I feel like that hurt my confidence a bit coming out of the gate. From a numbers standpoint, we did OK. We got five 'applause breaks,' three 'amens' and one 'mmmm preach.'

"From a numbers game, I feel like we are doing well."

Watch the hilarious video below. 

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