Nov 14, 2017 by Alyssa Duvall

10 Reasons Never To Miss Church Again

Whether it’s going to church without your spouse, struggling to dress half a dozen kids on time, or simply finding the time or energy to make it, many of us struggle with regular church attendance. Christian fiction author Kristen Terrette is all too familiar with this challenge, and despite her background as a theology major and church ministry director, she knows what the struggle is like: “I know because I’ve missed quite a few in my thirty-six years,” Terrette says, which is why she’s the perfect person to give us 10 reasons never to miss church.

1. “God Deserves the Sacrifice of Our Time”
Even in the midst of terrifying challenges, we can come to church and learn about how good and faithful God is to His children. Getting closer to Him and learning more of His glory is absolutely worth the hour or two we sacrifice from our busy lives.

2. Sunday Worship Sets The Stage For A Better Week
No one necessarily enjoys returning to the demands of their week’s schedule and the stress it can bring. “Thankfully,” Terrette says, “I’m able to pull from a reserve of grace stored up during Sunday worship and change my reaction before it gets me into trouble...Carrying a heart full of knowledge and praise for God into our week can never be a bad thing.”

3. God Deserves My Worship and Praise
While praise and worship is not limited to the space between church walls, Terrette reminds us never to “underestimate the power of corporate worship… Instances of people worshipping together occur again and again in Scripture. Imagine what God sees when He looks at a group of people collectively singing and praising Him on a Sunday.”

4. Our Children Are Always Watching And Learning From Our Example
“Setting a godly example and teaching your children about Him through His Word at home is critical, but don’t fail to see the power of a godly community surrounding and encouraging this,” Terrette says. Our goal should be to set the example for our children to follow even into adulthood, especially in the way we honor and worship our God.

5. You Have Gifts, and God Wants You To Bless Others With Them
“God has gifted everyone with talents and skills which are unique to them. Christ desires us to use these gifts and work together to reach His hurting world and to build up His body,” Terrette explains. You may not be musically inclined enough for the worship team, but perhaps you can help with an outreach program, children’s ministry, or even the church’s social media page. There are endless opportunities to use your God-given gifts to bless others through your church.

6. It’s A Special Time To Spend With Your Church Family
God did not design His church to be just an individual journey. “By design, God’s church is a group of people seeking one thing⎯a relationship with Him, and with His followers. He desired this to be a group effort from the start, and we need to honor Him by not seeking to know Him in isolation, for that is not His example,” Terrette says.

7. You Are Witnessing To Others Whether You Realize It Or Not
People out in the world spend their Sunday mornings in myriad ways for their own enjoyment, but this is not our calling as Christians who celebrate and honor the Lord’s Day. “This means not living as the world lives and loving what the world loves. Carving out time for Him on Sundays shows our commitment to make Him a priority,” Terrette says, and you never know just who you might reach with the witness of your simple commitment to be in church on Sunday.

8. It Strengthens Relationships
There is no picture more beautiful than that of a family soaking in the Word together in their seats on Sunday; it’s even better when that family spends the drive home or the afternoon reflecting together on what they took from the service that morning. “If you don’t have someone you can attend with, discuss the teachings, and worship with on a regular basis,” Terrette says, “start looking for someone to fill this place in your life. They may already be sitting next to you in service.”

9. It Is A Reminder To Give
Terrette tells us how her church donates globally and locally to many charities and ministries, and many other churches do the same. “Most can’t deny the positive impact of charities which help the poor, hungry, and hurting. Attending a church service always reminds me to give back, to go above and beyond to give and serve. And in doing so, God has never failed to take care of my house and I.”

10. God Can Use You
Terrette concludes, “Have you ever smiled at or given a hug to someone and later learned that one small gesture changed the course of their day? God uses us to reach people, and sometimes it’s in the smallest of choices that He uses us to make the biggest impact. But… He can’t use us if we’re absent.”

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