Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Reinhard Bonnke Delivers Final, Breathtaking Message To Africa

The man who has become synonymous with crusades, gospel celebrations and massive crowds is finally retiring from his itinerant preaching ministry. Reinhard Bonnke has led millions to Christ over his long career as an evangelist. But he had one more gig: a massive crusade in Lagos, Nigeria. His final message was a powerful one. 

"We don't understand with our brains, but with our hearts. That's where the image of God is," Bonnke said to the absolutely massive crowd. "You must come to Jesus if you want to go to Heaven. He will change your nature, He will change all evil habits."

"Peace will come to your family, and if your parents receive Jesus, your children will follow."

So, why did Bonnke decide to hold his final crusade in Nigeria? 

"It's my favorite country because I have not seen in other Africa countries what God has done here," the evangelist said.

"If you look back and watch events in the country, they are absolutely amazing and I believe every plan of God will come to pass."

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