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Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Christians Must Know That Church Planting Is Far From Glamorous

When you think of Church planting, what do you envision? Stage, lights, people pouring through the doors of a shiny new building on a Sunday morning, ready to engage in amped-up worship and listen to a rousing preach? All these things may come from a Church plant, but most of the time, if at all, it takes years to get to this stage.

Church planting is notoriously un-glamorous. A small group of people heading to an unknown town or city, often with little money. Getting a team together to give of their time can be the first hurdle, and there are a million more after that. 

"What many men don’t understand is that the “success stories” stand out because they are so rare," writes Scott Slayton at SBTS. "Many more men see their churches close than see the kind of growth in their churches that gets them invited to speak at conferences."

So, is it time for a shift in expectations? There is no doubt that more Churches are needed. So many don't know the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. But we must be in the right frame of mind before we go! "For us to plant the kinds of churches we need to plant the men who feel called to planting must change their expectations and their definition of “success,"" writes Slayton. 

"We cannot bear another generation of church planters who want to be the next big thing. Men hungry for acclaim will do nothing to make a dent in the number of people in our culture who do not know Jesus."

It is time to know the call of God is a call to serve, humbly and without a hunger for power, influence or authority. To simply serve; to preach, to care, to love, is at the very core of planting a Church, and should be the number one priorities. 

"We don’t need more rock stars. We don’t need more men seeking the limelight. We need more anonymous, plodding church planters who labor faithfully for the spread of the gospel and the glory of King Jesus."

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