Cross and Flag


Nov 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Jesus Should Not Be Our 'American Patriot'

There is a strange phenomenon sweeping the United States; a kind of evangelical nationalism. When religion and politics intertwine, it is almost always messy. But it can also be spiritually dangerous. Simply put, Jesus should not be our American patriot. We cannot claim his name for our own political ends. It is just blasphemous. 

"Instead of worshiping at the altar of a false civil religion, Christians have a dual citizenship: a lesser, temporary citizenship on earth and a supreme, eternal citizenship in heaven," writes Ameen Hudson at The Gospel Coalition. "Love of country is a good thing, but the interests of our eternal King far outweigh any interests of our earthly land (1 Pet. 2:9–10)."

Christians must be careful not to tie their personal relationship with Jesus to a political cause. Jesus has to remain above the political realm. He has our hearts and must always reign in our lives. Can we be passionate about politics? Of course. But the disturbing trend of taking the Lord's name and using it to solidify our political affiliation (setting the name of Jesus against those who disagree with us) is getting worse, and we need to watch out for it in our own lives. 

"Jesus isn’t sitting in the heavenlies whistling “God Bless America” with the Declaration of Independence on his desk and pictures of the Founding Fathers on his wall. He won’t return in a pickup truck with “God and Country” bumper stickers and a flag in tow," Hudson adds.

"Jesus isn’t an American patriot. God has made all people—including Americans—in his image, but we shall not make him in ours."

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