Rapper Jay-Z


Nov 15, 2017 by Will Maule

No, Jay-Z Did Not Call Jesus 'Fake News'

A story has been circulating that claims rapper Jay-Z described Jesus Christ as 'fake news,' even saying that he supporter Lucifer instead. Well, it looks like this could be a fake news story itself. 

“Jesus Christ is the original fake news. Jesus never walked the earth, y’all being played. The idea of Jesus is just a tool used by smart people to control dumb people," the rapper was quoted as saying by YourNewsWire. The site also argued that Jay-Z said that he was “fully embracing my older brother, Lucifer.”

The comments were alleged to have been made “backstage rant at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday.” The problem? He wasn't there on Friday. "Jay-Z’s “4:44 Tour” concert in New Orleans was on Thursday, not Friday. When an outlet is making huge allegations like this, the seemingly minor details, like where and when, really do matter," writes Shari Weiss at Gossip Cop

"There’s not a single other article to corroborate any of these purported “backstage” quotes, there also isn’t any evidence to back up the contentions about Jay-Z’s “onstage” behavior, either."

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