Nov 20, 2017 by Will Maule

Father Of Two Becomes First Transgender Minister In Methodist Church

A Father of two has become the UK's first transgender minister in the Methodist Church, after 'hiding his identity for 40 years.' Joy Everingham, a 46-year-old university chaplain who serves at St. Peter's in Canterbury, is a Father of two and came out to Church elders before becoming ordained last summer. 

Everingham later came out to their congregation. At 27 years of age, Everingham visited a transgender club, describing that as an important moment in figuring out who they were. 

"It made me realize it wasn't going to go away. I felt so at ease with myself. I felt normal," the Methodist minister explained, according to The Telegraph. "Coming back to the hotel that night I was thinking 'I don't want to take 'me' off.' I didn't want to go back to being what I what was. I knew I had to tell Ruth."

"We were sitting in bed and said 'I've got something to tell you,'" Everingham explained. "I started crying and couldn't breathe - it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done.

"Ruth was convinced I was either having an affair, or I was gay, it was obviously a bit of a shock. I thought she was going to leave me, or kick me out, but she said 'I've got to think about this.'"

Now, Everingham says, his wife Ruth accepts who he really is. 

"Ruth loves me for who I am, but she's still attracted to men. I'm not sure she is really attracted to me sexually anymore, but we're still in love and we're still best friends," Everingham explained.

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