Man playing video games


Nov 20, 2017 by Will Maule

Should Grown Men Be Playing Video Games?

Should Christian men be playing video games? That is the question that many are asking in our era of digital entertainment and powerful gaming machines. Todd Friel weighs in at Wretched Radio. 

"As a set apart people, is that the best use of my time?" asks Todd Friel. "Should a mature adult be playing something that could be considered a child's activity?" 

"I would say, if you have mastery over them, if your family aren't complaining, then I would say 'play on.'" 

"But, have you researched video games? It seems to be they can be put into two major categories."

"Todd says that 25% of games are brain games that can be healthy. Unfortunately, 75% of games are very violent."

"Is that something that a Christian should be enjoying? Death is not a game."

Watch Todd watch more of this below. 

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