Nov 20, 2017 by Will Maule

Pope Hosts Poor And Homeless WIth Gourmet Meal At Vatican

Pope Francis has sought to champion the cause of the oppressed and marginalized by hosting a gourmet meal at the Vatican for those who are poor and homeless. Francis also added that helping the needy was one way of obtaining a "passport to paradise."

Volunteers brought around 7,000 needy people to the Pope's residence for a special Mass presided over by the Pontiff.  "If in the eyes of the world they (the poor) have little value, they are the ones who open to us the way to heaven; they are our 'passport to paradise.' For us it is an evangelical duty to care for them ...," Francis said in his homily.

"God will not ask us if we felt righteous indignation, but whether we did some good."

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