Nov 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Superintendent Apologizes After Principal Forbids Students From Praying Together

A school district superintendent has been forced to apologize after an incident involving a principal halting a group of students from praying. "There's been a lot of hatred and aggression in our schools," said Matthew Dunn, who organized the prayer gathering at Amelia County High School.

“It was to bring people together. And I think around the holidays, that is something that's extremely needed,” Dunn continued, according to NBC. Dunn's mother took to social media after the incident to say that her "son took his time with others today to pray in between classes and is now being punished because he did that."

"We do recognize that the situation could have been handled better and we are committed to learning from this incident and moving forward as a stronger school community," said Superintendent Dr. Jack McKinley in a letter to parents. "The school administration apologized to the affected students and parents for the manner in which the situation had been handled."

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