Nov 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Sadie Robertson Recalls A Powerful 'God Encounter' With Homeless Man

Have you ever experienced God putting someone in your path and calling you to reach them with the hope of Jesus? That is exactly what happened to Sadie Robertson when she was on her way to speak at a conference in Atlanta. The Duck Dynasty star had a chance encounter with a homeless man, and felt the Holy Spirit tugging at her to give him the good news of Jesus. 

"I was in the car with my support team and greatest friends on an exciting trip to Atlanta, to speak at passion city church college night on May 31st. We were just a mile away from where we needed to be and stuck in a little traffic, when I looked over and locked eyes with a homeless man," Sadie explains at her blog.

"Immediately when I locked eyes with this older African American gentleman, I felt the Lord say in my Spirit, “go put my word in His reach and then you will understand how I feel.” I asked the guy who was driving to turn the car around and drop me off where the man was sitting. All I had to give was my bible, so I began to walk up to this man and I knelt down on his level. When our eyes locked, I realized something. Physically you can be worlds apart from someone, but spiritually you can be in the exact same place."

But the man did not want the Bible that Sadie was so willing to gift him, and he claimed he was an atheist. Sadie headed back to her car, confused. "Right before I got back in the car, I turned around and set my bible on the curb and said, “I’m just going to leave it here.” He began to get up and yelled, “NO! Don’t leave it on the ground! Please don’t leave it on the ground!” I said, “oh do you want it?” he said, “no but just don’t leave it on the ground.” I looked at him so confused and said, “tell me why you don’t want me to leave this book on the ground, because if you were an atheist you really would not care what I did with this book.” He began to cry and said, ‘because someone needs that. It just cannot be me. Give it to someone who will take it.”"

Sadie began to cry. She realized that this is how so many of us feel. We think that God's grace and love is for someone else, but could never accept that it is also for us. "We allow the worldly cycle of sin in our life produce a load of shame, and that brings us to the state of isolation, homeless, hopeless and lifelessness. Jesus came and defeated death, and gave us the gift of life – and an invitation into an eternal heaven, invited out of the darkness of the world and into an eternal wonderful light," Sadie writes.

"In an instance, by accepting Him in and receiving His great love, we go from being homeless to having a forever home. We go from being hopeless to having a hope for a future. We go from being lifeless to having life abundantly and eternally. We go from being isolated and feeling alone, to belonging to a heavenly family and a good good father."

Read her full blog post here. 

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