Nov 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Watch Taya Smith's Incredible Testimony "I Don't Know How People Do Life Without Jesus"

Worship leader Taya Smith has become one of the most recognizable figures in the multi-platinum selling 'Hillsong United' group. She has connected with millions through her honest, heartfelt worship and brilliant songwriting. But it wasn't always easy for Taya. 

"I didn't think I would move to Sydney. I didn't like Sydney!" she says. "I was in a place where I had $200 left in the bank, it was for the next week's rent and that was all I had." 

"I moved down, visited the city campus. I was amazed by the worship. I said to God 'I love the heart of the worship here and what they are doing. If I could be a part of it, I'd love to.'" 

"However many years later you look and you're like 'I'm working at the city campus. Just little things where you are like 'God loves me, and he puts all these things in place.'" 

Taya said she used to do a lot secular gigs but that it does not compare to singing in Church. "It so much different with the joy factor," she says. 

"I honestly don't know how people do life without Jesus," declares Taya. "There's purpose, there is calling, I know who I am in him."

"I know what I'm here to do. I am a worshipper. I love Jesus and I hope I draw people closer to Him."

Watch the amazing video testimony below. 

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