Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson


Nov 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Phil Robertson On The Number One Reason Americans Fail To Love Each Other

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has sought to explain the number one reason he believes Americans are so terrible at loving their neighbor in a new episode of 'Phil In The Woods.' In a short video on Facebook, Phil is seen boiling up a massive pot of rice. 

"This will feed twelve. You say, you got any company coming? Not that I know of," Phil says. "But what if a stranger drops by? Romans Chapter 12 'Practice hospitality.'" 

"If I just cook it for me and Miss Kay, if somebody drops by, or two drop by, or four drop by, we got plenty of rice," says Phil. 

"The problem with America? They don't cook big pots of rice anymore. It is hard to love your neighbor if you never get around to feeding him. Cos' some of them don't have anything to eat."

Watch Phil below. 

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