Nov 24, 2017 by Alyssa Duvall

Patricia Heaton Of "The Star" Says The Birth Of Christ Is A "Gift"

Patricia Heaton, an acclaimed actress best known for her starring role in “Everybody Loves Raymond”, co-stars in the new, animated Christmas movie “The Star”. In an interview with Faithwire, Heaton, who plays Edith the cow in the film, discussed how Christmas is the perfect season to explore life’s deeper meaning and the real impact of the gift of Jesus’ birth.

“Not to get depressing,” Heaton says, “[but] life is short and I think it’s important to realize that you have to think beyond just today, just this minute, a vision about the world and your future and what you’re contributing to the world. Our lives here are really brief and the story of the nativity is about all of that and this gift we were given through the birth of Christ and his work on the cross that imbues every aspect of our life with meaning.” Heaton highlighted the themes of the film and said “every life has meaning” and that “every person was created with specific gifts, big and small.”

Heaton, who is no stranger to defending the sanctity of life, said that everyone can make an impact: “We can all affect the course of history through our actions and wherever God has put us. And that’s very clear in the nativity story — the creator of the universe entered the world through a poor family, in the poorest of circumstances and he changed the world and saved the world.”

Heaton also described her character, Edith, whom she called “slightly cynical” and “world weary” when compared to some of the other animals in the film’s retelling of the nativity.

As for what audiences can expect when seeing “The Star,” Heaton promises an experience of humor and warmth and a faithful retelling of Jesus’ birth from the creative perspective of animals at the scene.

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