Singer Natalie Grant


Dec 01, 2017 by Will Maule

Natalie Grant Gives Update Following Throat Cancer Surgery

Christian singer Natalie Grant has posted an update video following her surgery to remove cancerous tumours in her throat. Despite the surgery going well and all that cancer being removed, there was a concern that her vocal function would not return to normal. 

"Had my first soundcheck/rehearsal for the Christmas tour today. Before I went in, I rewatched the video of my surgery. It's hard to believe that 7 weeks ago, my throat was literally cut wide open. 7 weeks ago, they removed cancer from my body. And I was told it would be at least 7 MONTHS before my full vocal strength returned. But God decided to return my vocal strength in just 7 weeks," Grant explained on Facebook this week.

"Today during my vocal therapy I sang through my ENTIRE CHRISTMAS SHOW!!! Every song. Full out. And I felt strong and able at the end. Why? Because my GOD IS STRONG AND ABLE. Only Jesus," she shared. "Oh Jesus, we love you. You are so gracious and kind. This healing is for YOUR glory and YOUR fame."

Watch the video update below. 

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