President Trump


Dec 01, 2017 by Will Maule

British Political Leader Says Trump Is 'Racist And Evil'

A former Secretary of State for Business, and the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Vince Cable, has made some very robust remarks about US President Donald Trump, calling him 'evil' and 'racist' following his retweeting of a far-right British political party. 

"The man is a racist and actually quite evil," Cable said in the Houses of Parliament. "Still to a lot of people he is just a bit of a buffoon who shoots from the hip and makes mistakes."

"But it is pretty clear now that these moves are very carefully calculated, his responses are deliberately designed to appeal to his political base. The fact that he can be aiming for the supporters of the Ku Klux Klan and giving that higher priority than his relationship with the British Prime Minister speaks volumes for how he regards Britain."

The Lib Dems are petitioning Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel the Trump state visit. 

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