Dec 01, 2017 by Will Maule

12 Christians Arrested For Reading Bible Verses In Senate Office Building

A group of 12 Christians have been arrested for reading Bible verses and praing in the Senate office building. The group, made up of followers of Jesus and clergy, were calling on senators to oppose the GOP tax Bill. They were warned repeatedly to cease their activities and informed that they were breaking the law, but they continued. 

The activists were arrested after reading the 2000 verses recorded in teh Bible that indicate God's preferential concern for the poor. "Senators, we put you on notice. Your souls are in danger!" one clergywoman declared, pointing to the offices. 

"Oh God, may your presence powerfully keep us and give us strength," one minister said as he was being arrested. "Oh God, we serve you and we stand in this place." 

Watch the shocking moment below. 

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