Dec 04, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

Lisa Bevere Shares Powerful Testimony About Forgiveness

In a moving testimony shared on Joyce Meyer's Facebook, speaker and author Lisa Bevere shares a powerful moment of forgiveness between her and her once alcoholic and disengaged father while he was on his deathbed that changed both their lives.

Lisa's relationship with her father was broken, to say the least, as even when she had children and thought, "Maybe now my father will engage", he left a curt, heartbreaking note to her saying that he, in fact, didn't want to see them. At this point, utterly disappointed and fatherless, Lisa turns to Father God, reconciles the brokenness, and finds security as God tells her that she can always count on Him to come through as Her Father.

Time went on, Lisa's father grew older, and she took her family to visit him in his last bit of life. Sitting with her dad by his deathbed, Lisa hears God's voice so clearly in these last moments and is compelled to tell him, despite their rocky history, "You were a good dad," to which he responded in tears, "Thank... you..."

Hear Lisa tell the whole of the emotionally gripping story here.

"You will never ever regret forgiving other people none of us deserve the mercy we get; we all deserve judgment...yet God gives us mercy so how can we do anything less for other people," Bevere says as she unveils the lesson in her story. It is a lesson that all of us can deeply glean from.

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