Dec 06, 2017 by Alyssa Duvall

Beth Moore Responds To #ChurchToo: Christians Must Respond To Sexual Abuse

The latter half of the year has been packed with sexual abuse announcements and allegations spanning from politics to entertainment to, unfortunately, the church. The #MeToo and #ChurchToo social media campaigns have brought awareness and given a voice to sexual abuse survivors worldwide, including Christian speaker and author Beth Moore. Now, Moore is warning Christians to wake up and respond to the epidemic of abuse in our culture.

"We, the church, are dealing with the fall-out of a culture that is, in effect, under sexual assault by the evil one,” Moore said in a tweet on Monday. “Never forget: God's plan for the repentant is ALWAYS restoration. Even the most spiritual can be had. (Gal.6:1) Fallenness does not always indicate fraudulence.”

In a separate tweet, Moore added, "Fallenness always indicates foolishness. And, make no mistake. We can all be fools. These are days of satanic seduction. We must humbly submit ourselves to ongoing accountability, sanctification and fortification. A Christlike seriousness regarding repentance & restoration BOTH."

Moore, founder of Living Proof Ministries was one of several Christian leaders, as well as thousands of others, who shared her experience with sexual abuse in October under the #MeToo social media campaign. Many hundreds of other women have shared their experiences with rape, sexual abuse and harassment within the Christian community or at the hands of men in leadership under the #ChurchToo hashtag.

In another tweet last week, Moore reflected on the ever-growing list of abusers outed in headlines and social media posts: "Daily unveiling of depravity. Mighty trees cut to stumps. Repugnant, nauseating sins. Suddenly, flashbacks of failure, a present illicit desire, a relapse, secret. Our own grotesqueness in the mirror. We too. Cut down. Despair. 'None is righteous!' Then 1 more unveiling: a cross."

However, Moore cautioned that Jesus' name should not be dragged down despite the growing list of #ChurchToo posts from abuse victims, some of whom have since abandoned their faith: "If you want to know how Jesus felt about women & treated women, read the Gospels. Anything & anyone that does not reflect what you see in Jesus in black and white on those pages may wear a Christian label but never confuse that with Christlike. Jesus is no misogynist. Read & see."

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