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Dec 13, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

John Pavlovitz Has A Strong Word For White Evangelical Christian Voters

In his blog today, John Pavlovitz gave a strongly worded monologue aimed at White Evangelical Christians who voted largely in favor of Roy Moore, whom he regards as a "vile, hateful monster of a man", in yesterday's Senatorial election in Alabama. 

He "looked at the numbers", and in response to overwhelming support of Roy Moore from self-identified White Evangelicals, John Pavlovitz has a stern word for this demographic:

"Alabama just gave you a chance to course correct from the God-awful decision you made a year ago.
You had a golden opportunity to stand in solidarity with marginalized people and to remind them that this is where Jesus would be.
You received an early Christmas gift in the form of an openly racist, brazenly homo/transphobic, historically predatory candidate—who you could and should have opposed as a no-brainer."

"Black voters (especially black women)," Pavlovitz emphasizes, "saved us all from white Evangelicals."

"Everyone else seems to get it," he continues. "Everyone else seems to have this 'love your neighbor as yourself' thing down. Everyone else seems to realize how much White Evangelicals have lost the plot."

John Pavlovitz concludes, "As a white Christian living and serving in the Bible Belt, someone who is trying to excavate Jesus from the ugly stuff he has been buried in, today I gladly stand alongside Everyone Else."

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