Dec 14, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

Russell Moore On Political Bumper Stickers And American Evangelicalism

In a blog post this week, Russell Moore, theologian, ethicist, and preacher, commented on what political bumper stickers say about American Evangelicalism.

Moore saw a bumper sticker in a photo posted on reporter Kelsey Dallas' Twitter.

The bumper sticker read, “If Jesus Had a Gun, He’d Still Be Alive Today.”

"My first reaction was to roll my eyes and sigh," Moore admitted. But after giving it some thought, he realized, "Maybe it encapsulates something frighteningly true about American evangelical Christianity."

"The message about Jesus was just the means to the end of the main point: a political argument. That’s the problem," Moore stated.

While he doesn't mind the political statement on gun control, and even agrees with it, he points out that by shifting the focus from the Kingdom to having a great political argument, Christians are missing the point.

"In our time of political religion, passionate intensity is reserved for the “important matters,” which are inevitably political. Who cares if one misses the point of the Bible, as long as the message props up the slogan? Often even the “theological” debates Christians engage in, mostly now via social media, aren’t actually about God or the gospel, but about the identity politics of seeing “our side” as better than some other group. In those debates, what is being defended is not Christ and his church but “Christians”—sociologically and politically defined," he explains.

"We clamor for the kind of power the world can recognize while ignoring the very power of God that comes through Christ and him crucified."

However, Moore points out that this is out of alignment and says, "Jesus, on the other hand, is not triggered by the all-consuming passions of the arguments around him... Jesus was not overwhelmed by someone else’s power."

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