Dec 14, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

3 New Year's Resolutions For Your Best Year Yet

New Year's resolutions incorporate a variety of ways to have a better life on Earth. But in a recent blog post, Brandon Cox, a "man of many hats", but mainly pastor, gave some pointers on taking care of our spiritual lives, which, he reminds us, will go on forever.

Brandon introduces us to a really healthy growth cycle that we can take on as our New Year's resolutions. "You can accomplish more than you’d ever previously dreamed of doing because of this slow process of sanctification and spiritual growth," he boasts.

1. Know your priority.

"Getting your priorities in order is stressful. It’s a lot. Marriage. Kids. Faith. Work. Other work. Hobbies. Health. Finances. Intellectual development. Charity," he starts.

"But here’s the flaw… we start to see ourselves like a pie being divided up, and everybody wants a piece and there isn’t quite enough to go around."

Cox explains that really, there's only one priority we need to have: "the Kingship of Jesus Christ."

"Each and every day, I wake up with a single priority – to do in each moment what King Jesus directs and desires, and nothing more," Cox says. "Instead of having the stress of determining whom I must disappoint today, I have only the priority of whom to please – King Jesus." And he adds that of course, this means taking care of your family and work etc.

2. Seize some moments.

Everything is always changing, and we need to know how to adapt and change with it by embracing the right opportunities as they come along.

Brandon mentions that he's said yes to some really big opportunities, and they've turned out marvelously, but it's because he's said no to things that "just don’t deserve any more time, energy, or resources."

"Be selective, in fact, and let God’s purposes and the Kingship of Jesus be your guide," Cox tells us. "Say yes to some right opportunities.

3. Grow.

"It isn’t about being perfect. It isn’t about performing without flaws or never making mistakes. It’s about progress," Cox says. (What a breath of fresh air!)

Jesus had to grow too. According to Brandon, Jesus grew:
"In wisdom – by reading and studying and being mentored and gaining knowledge."
"In physical health – by eating better, moving more, and sleeping on schedule."
"In spiritual maturity – by developing a more consistent quiet time, prayer life, and Bible reading time."
"In leadership ability – by striving to love and to influence more people, for more good."

Follow these three guidelines, Cox says, and "each next year can actually be your best year ever!"

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