Dec 15, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

Converts In Somalia Including Ex-Muslim Leader Risking Everything For The Gospel

Somalia, the second worst country for Christians, is changing. A Muslim leader came to know Jesus through a partner of World Mission and has named himself “Manhunter”. He and other converts there are choosing to risk everything in the midst of an extremist Islamic climate for the cause of the Gospel.

World Mission’s Greg Kelley says, “The Lord is using our solar-powered audio Bible, called the Treasure, in the Somali language.” He adds that the Treasure is one of the tools Manhunter is using as he ministers to Muslims.

Somalia is 99 percent Muslim, yet World Mission’s Greg Kelley says, “People are coming to know Jesus” in this country that heavily persecutes those even suspected to be Christians.

Manhunter has successfully started three house churches, and through his radical ministry, fifteen families have come to Jesus.

“Still, other converts have been beaten badly for their decision, with one woman having been brutalized so severely that she had a miscarriage,” Kelley says.

“"The mere suspicion leads to a rushed public beheading… In a nutshell, to survive in the country Christians must pretend not to be Christians,” said Yonas Dembele, International Law analyst for World Watch’s Research Unit, in an interview with Christian Post.

“It's important that we realize that although God is moving in places like the Somalis of Somalia and Kenya,” Kelley adds, “it's critical that we back here in the U.S. take our part which is to pray for these precious believers, to recognize that the price they're paying to be a follower of Jesus is very different than we experience, but also to understand they're doing it with great joy.”

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