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Dec 15, 2017 by Abigail Sanchez

Iraqi Organization Providing Major Relief In The Middle East For The Religiously Persecuted

Violent persecution has devastated families in the Middle East, but the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, founded by Juliana Taimoorazy, who was herself a refugee, has been making huge strides to assist even the most urgent situations in Iraq.

She and her organization received 'Michelle Malkin's Bulldog Award' for her relief efforts.

“Last year, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council helped 95,000 Assyrian Christians in Iraq,” CBN News reports. The organization aided by providing humanitarian supplies during urgent situations. According to CBN, she and her organization have received “Michelle Malkin’s Bulldog Award” for their efforts.

“More than 85 percent of persecuted Christians who receive our aid are in Iraq,” the council stated. Their reach also extends into Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, where Christians are being heavily persecuted by ISIS.

Iraqi Christian Relief continued, ”Assyrian Christians need protection within Iraq so that their faith, ethnicity and cultural heritage are not eradicated as Islamic terrorists have worked towards since 2003. A protected safe zone would lead to the creation of a province for all minorities in Iraq.”

Relief efforts are also focused on the other countries formerly mentioned.

The council is staying closely involved in Syria’s civil war, where hundreds of Assyrian Christians were kidnapped taken hostage by ISIS.

They are also aiding over 8,000 Christians in Jordan, by providing safe places for the people to live the most normal lives possible, including letting children play freely.

This organization distributes emergency food and financial resources. They also make provision for Christians to get the medical care they need, regardless of what they can afford.

In Turkey, they aid those fleeing violent attacks of religious persecution. “Christian families living in Turkey have reported they pretend to be Muslim in order to receive aid or evade persecution in their host country,” CBN notes.

You can help out this organization here.

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