Dec 18, 2017 by Alyssa Duvall

Bishop Darick Favors Found Dead In Dallas Motel Room With Drugs

A beloved bishop of Full Gospel Tabernacle of Dallas, Texas was found dead on Wednesday due to “unexplained causes” in a motel room. The bishop, Darick Favors, was reported to have been found with drugs in the room according to motel staff.

The Dallas Police Department offered a brief statement that day, verifying that Favors, 42, was found “deceased inside his room. This incident is being investigated as an Unexplained Death," the statement said. "There were no obvious signs of homicidal violence." To date, the Dallas County medical examiner's office has not ruled on the cause of death. Investigators also mentioned that toxicology test results could take weeks.

Police were not forthcoming with more details on the investigation. An investigation by the Christian Post, however, revealed the hotel where he was found to be the Star Motel located at 7635 S. Central Expressway, and that drugs were found at the scene. “We do not know how many types of drugs were there," but it was absolutely certain that the bishop was found with drugs, a motel staff member reported to CP.

On its website, Full Gospel Tabernacle describes Favors: "Through the laying on of hands, Pastor Favors has seen God's people awaken from comas, healed of cancer, fully delivered, filled with the Holy Ghost, encouraged, motivated, demons cast out, set free from prison walls, and much more. The glory stays with God for opening numerous doors on TV and various radio appearances and now our own radio broadcast every Saturday. Bishop Favors is a young man that displays a humble attitude and character. Many continue to be blessed through the ministry placed in him. Truly, we can say this is a man of God after God's own heart."

Favors’ wife, Michelle, posted on Facebook urging friends and family to remember her husband for his good works and that they keep their conversations “holy”: "This is a very difficult time for my family. I'm asking with the Love of God to please not interfere at this time. Things are being done without my consent and I just ask that you [please] show my family mercy. Leave your conversations holy and about the wonderful works my husband did while he lived. Talk about how he impacted your life that means more to us at this time. Thank you in advance for understanding and your sincere prayers.”

A colleague of Favors’, Kenneth Fincher, wrote of the shock he felt at the news, noting that he had just attended a funeral with the bishop: "Sitting in shock like for real. Was just at a funeral with DrDarick Favors Saturday joking.... I'm totally shock Darick Favors was a cool dude and didn't bother nobody...... Well bro you will be with Jesus who you preached so hard about....#R.I.H.FAVORS.”

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