Dec 29, 2017 by Alyssa Duvall

Billy Graham's Granddaughter Rebukes Franklin Graham And "Hypocritical" Evangelical Trump Supporters

Jerushah Armfield, granddaughter of evangelist Billy Graham, rebuked her uncle Franklin Graham and other "hypocritical" evangelicals who she believes should curb their support of President Donald Trump. Trump, Armfield says, has proven himself not to be a Christian through his words and deeds.

"I think my uncle...has an incredible humanitarian ministry that's been on the front lines often before a lot of ministries have been there," Armfield told CNN in the Tuesday interview. "I think he probably needs to stick to doing that. I think he believes he's speaking to a larger audience than he is."

Armfield objected to the political co-opt of the evangelical movement and the seeming willingness to compromise personal morals in order to support Trump and other controversial figures, such as former Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Armfield noted that the "evangelical" movement was meant to distinguish its members from fundamentalists and liberals, but has "started to really represent, actually, a branch of Christians that seemed to be a little more conservative and a little bit more hypocritical, a little bit more willing to compromise on the personal morals of a candidate in lieu of what politically they could gain for their party."

Armfield, who is an author and pastor's wife in South Carolina, also dismissed Trump's claims of a "war on Christmas." She further argued that the president "has not shown" himself to be a Christian.

"My Jesus that I follow was really somebody who fought for the outliers, and I think that Trump has actually done the opposite in kind of ostracizing them," she asserted.

This isn't Armfield's first public criticism of her uncle's support for Trump. In January, she told The Washington Post that Graham's claim that Trump is an ambassador for Jesus "diminishes not only my Jesus but all he stood for and came to Earth to fight against" and that Trump "encouraged racism, sexism and intolerance, exactly what Jesus taught against."

Graham, who encouraged values-voters to support Trump in the 2016 election, said in a December Facebook post, "Never in my lifetime have we had a president willing to take a strong, outspoken stand for the Christian faith like President Donald J. Trump has."

"Whether you are Protestant, evangelical, Orthodox, Catholic — all Christians need to get behind him with our prayers," he added.

Billy Graham's extended family, including his many grandsons and granddaughters, have often shared differing opinions regarding Trump, politics, and evangelicalism.

Boz Tchividjian, executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment and one of Billy Graham's grandsons, said in November that he no longer identifies as an evangelical.

"Words matter," Tchividjian said. "And evangelical isn't like Baptist or Episcopalian, which can be clearly defined. The minute you use that term to someone, you're defined by how they interpret it."

Tchividjian laments that contemporary culture has given mixed connotations to the label and that, ultimately, faith should not be dictated by politics: "We're looking at faith through a political lens, and that's unfortunate and dangerous."

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