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Jan 08, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Dr. Michael Brown: Why So Many Iranian Muslims Are Turning To Jesus

Despite living under an extremist Muslim political regime, the people of Iran are rising up and turning to Jesus Christ as their savior in record numbers. Author and teacher Dr. Michael Brown explains this "national shaking" in the newest episode of his webcast, The Line Of Fire.

Recalling the early stages of the underground church movement in China, Dr. Brown says, "For years, I was hearing about what God was doing in China." Millions of people were essentially risking their lives for the truth as they converted to Christianity despite their government's extreme hostility toward the faith.

Dr. Brown also shared speculative reports claiming that Iran is second only to China in terms of sheer volume of Christian converts from Islam. With some estimates as high as three million, Dr. Brown believes that the rapidly growing Christian population in the Muslim-dominated country is going to reach a "critical mass" and is going to "shake and challenge Islamic leadership."

Learn more about Christianity in Iran and how you can pray for the nation's persecuted Christians in Dr. Brown's video below:

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