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Jan 08, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

The Profound Impact Of 32,000 Students Gathered At Passion 2018

To kick off this year, over 32,000 students gathered together at Passion conference in Atlanta and Washington D.C., where did more than just worship and listen to great speakers; they made a profound impact on the world with their donations and commitments.

From January 1 to 3, in Philips Arena and Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta, and The Anthem in Washington, D.C., thousands gathered together. They heard from Louie Giglio, founder of Passion, Levi Lusko, Christine Caine, John Piper, and loads of others, including Christian football star, Tim Tebow.

But this gathering wasn't about the impressive lineup, as we can see on Passion's Instagram, as they thanked leaders for not putting on a show, but "pointing people to the name above every name."

As with all Passion conferences, attendees are challenged to take part in big service projects and initiatives.

Following Passion 2017's astounding 7,000 children sponsored, students this year committed to sponsoring 3,330 additional children through Compassion International, a Christianity charity that provides resources such as food and educational materials to children in need all around the world.

Their radical generosity didn't stop with this. Passion 2018 attendees gave $103,623 for Voice of the Martyrs Korea, a group that distributes Christian scripture in North Korea.

Attendants of Passion 2018 were also encouraged to bring backpacks filled with school supplies for children in Houston who suffered a tremendous loss during Hurricane Harvey.

Additionally, one donor offered a $300,000 match to help the Rohingya people in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

What astonishing generosity!

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