Jan 10, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

for KING & COUNTRY Singer Luke Smallbone Asks For Prayers After 5-Month-Old Son's Skull Reconstructive Surgery

Luke Smallbone, one of the two brothers leading the popular Christian pop band "for KING & COUNTRY", shared on the band's Instagram page yesterday about his feelings as his 5-month-old son underwent a major skull surgery, and he asked for continued prayers.

"Tomorrow at 7:15am our sweet little Leo will have skull reconstruction surgery and would love it if you could pray for him and for us," Smallbone wrote. "I so wish he didn’t have to walk through the physical pain, but the fact that he can have healing and restoration is a gift from God."

After the surgery was over and little Leo Smallbone was all patched up, Luke and his wife praised their little boy for all he went through.

"Our sweet Leo is out of surgery & all went better than expected! We should have a week or so in the hospital depending on his healing & are so proud of the champ he is. We are very thankful for all of your prayers & continue lifting him up as he heals," Luke wrote beside the touching picture of the child.

This well-known Australian musician first found out about his son's skull condition back in September when he heard his wife "frantically yelling" to call 911 because Leo had stopped breathing. At the hospital, after a day of testing, they found out about Leo's skull problem and need for reconstructive surgery.

"All the tests came back clear and Leo is currently sleeping soundly as I watch over him," Luke said. "He'll need a fairly major skull surgery in the next few months which was unrelated to the episode but he's a strong healthy boy with a full recovery expected."

Through this entire process, Luke and his wife, Courtney, have been joyfully relying on Jesus and prayer. They ask that fans and followers "continue lifting him up as he heals".

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