Jan 10, 2018 by Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray: How to Choose Joy When Joy Seems Easy for Others But Hard for You

Dear God, Why does joy seem so easy for others, but so hard for me?

Then God whispered . . . let me tell you a story
Of how joy is meant for you too, Beloved.

Ever feel this way too? I asked God this question recently and I was curious how He’d answer me.

As I approached the new year, a word popped into my head I never associated with myself before. Joy. Sure, I’ve had beautiful moments of joy in my life with God, my friends, and family. But choosing joy intentionally to experience it for myself? To give myself permission to swim in it? Hmm . . . for me, this idea of choosing joy is like visiting Mars. Unchartered territory.

The word joy feels like odd-fitting clothes to wear every day.  Yes, I might take it out once in a while as occasion dictates. But, wait – you want me to choose joy as an everyday experience, God? I turned around to see if God meant to place this word on somebody else’s heart.

You know me, God. I’m the responsible one. The organized one, take care of everyone else, the worry-wart, the nerdy-be-content-and-don’t-make-waves one, the recovering people pleaser.

But, it seemed every time I’d brush the word “joy” away, it felt like a little dandelion puff that wouldn’t leave my fingers. No matter how hard I tried to blow it away, the word “joy” just stayed with me.

Could joy be something you’re longing for more of this year too?

Ever feel this way too? I asked God recently why joy was so hard for me – and He answered me by telling me a story about a tree and someone like me. I hope it inspires you as it did me – because I unexpectedly cried reading it after baring my heart.

I usually read the story of Zacchaeus as being about someone who doesn’t know Jesus, to illustrate how Jesus loves everyone, or as a Bible story for kids.

I never felt like I could relate to Zacchaeus personally.

But, as I read about Zacchaeus during quiet time, a story from my childhood surfaced and I heard Jesus whisper to me….

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