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Jan 12, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

Doctors Told Tim Tebow's Mother To Abort Becuase He Was A "Tumor"

As a timely precursor to his mother’s upcoming speech at the 45th annual March for Life, former NFL star Tim Tebow shared his incredible pro-life birth story in an interview with Pastor Louie Giglio during Passion 2018.

When asked “What made you into the person you are today?” Tebow recounted the story of how he, the son of missionary parents in the Philippines, was almost a victim of abortion himself.

“The doctors said that I wasn’t even a baby; they said I was a tumor.”

Despite the “craziness” his mother experienced throughout her pregnancy with him, Tebow said, “She decided to trust God and not what the doctors were saying.” There was immense pressure during the pregnancy to abort.

“And then I was born and it was a miracle — the placenta wasn’t attached the entire pregnancy, but I was malnourished, but I made up for it pretty quickly,” Tebow said, and he jokingly noted that his siblings nicknamed him “Timmy the Tumor” after he was born.

Tebow proceeded to show his deep gratitude for his parents being strong role models in his life and bringing him up in the faith.

Both Tim Tebow and his mother appeared together in a pro-life Superbowl ad in 2010. Tebow runs the humanitarian organization The Tim Tebow Foundation, and he continues to be completely unapologetic about his faith.

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