Jan 15, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

VIDEO: Pastor Greg Locke Announces Divorce, Responds To Pulpit And Pen Slander

Pastor Greg Locke, the notorioulsy outspoken lead pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, announced in a video message on Thursday that he is now divorced from his wife. Locke also addressed slanderous claims by the online polemics ministry Pulpit And Pen claiming that he committed adultery and "literally put his wife, Melissa, on a bus and sent her away".

"Let me just say from the get go that the past year, especially the past six months, has been a very difficult and a very broken time in my life and in our family. I am a divorced pastor at this point in my life, but I did not divorce my wife and I did not send my wife away and the papers will verify that," Locke said in his emotional message on Facebook. "Both the papers from the beginning and the papers that I have on my desk that say the case is closed. They are trying to spin this story. This all happened a month ago."

Locke, who became something of an internet sensation after criticizing Target's gender-neutral bathrooms in 2016, insisted that he has lived a "clean" life and that Melissa initiated the divorce, not him.

"In 25 years of preaching, I've never had one moral misgiving. I've never had one financial scandal. Nothing. So you believe anything that you want to believe but God's going to vindicate me in this situation," Locke said of the allegations against him. View his entire statement in the video below:

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