Jan 17, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

Bethel Leader Joel Taylor Announces, "We're Going Home!" After Son And Daughter's Month-Long Battle With E. Coli

After a month-long battle with a life-threatening strand of E. coli, Bethel Music CEO Joel Taylor's son and daughter are finally going home, which Taylor happily announced on his Instagram last night.

With his two-year-old son, Jaxon, in his arms and his wife and four-year-old daughter, Addie, walking in front of him, the Taylor family walked out of the hospital chanting excitedly, "We're going home!" The caption on his post read, "Miracle! Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all".

Their return home is nothing short of a miracle.

"Jax was admitted first for dehydration because he had terrible diarrhea," Janie, Joel's wife, told CBN News. "We quickly realized his kidneys were shutting down."

The kidney failure and diarrhea, they soon found out, were due to a raging E. coli. The infection attacked his internal organs so badly that he had to go on dialysis and have multiple blood transfusions.

"We've seen his lungs fill up with water, respiratory issues. We went through a season where brain damage was a high potential. Seizures were happening. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head for a couple of days. We completely lost all communication with him where he wasn't responding for days," Joel told CBN News.

Just days after Jaxon was admitted to the hospital, the Taylor family shared some heartbreaking news on Joel's Instagram. The post said, "We just found out that Addie, our four-year old baby-girl, has the same strand of ecoli as Jaxon and needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Please pray that this doesn't turn into HUS, which is what Jaxon is fighting for his life. God be our strength."

The community supporting Jaxon and Addie through prayer and financial support prayed ceaselessly. Through all the hardships this family went through, they, their friends, and the larger community that got involved through the news and social media posts, never lost hope, and each day, the situation got better and better.

The Taylors celebrated every victory that Addie and Jaxon had over the past month, and last night they went home with "a miracle testimony to the whole world," which was their hope when this all started.

The Taylor family thanked all who have been praying through these trying times.

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