Jan 18, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

Embracing Faithfulness And Integrity

There's a common paradigm in America that "what you do in your private life is nobody else’s business." But in a blog post today, Rick Warren challenges that notion and says that it actually is someone's business.

"What you do in your private life — what you do behind closed doors or out of view of other people — builds and reveals your true character," commented Warren, a renowned pastor and global influencer. "And God sees it just as clearly as the things you do in public."

"You could make a list right now of public figures that have tried to live this way only to have their private indiscretions turn into public scandal and personal downfall. No matter what they say, any leader who is not faithful in small matters will not be faithful in large matters," Warren notes.

Pastor Rick relates the process of faithfulness and integrity to an apprenticeship, where you'd have to serve another before you get your own reward, and ties it with Luke 16:12, which says, “If you have not been faithful with that which belongs to someone else, who will give you what belongs to you?” (GNT)

"Before God gave me my own ministry, I served as a youth pastor under another man’s ministry," Warren shares. "God was watching how I handled it; he was testing my integrity. I needed to prove my faithfulness in that ministry before God would allow me to lead the ministry of Saddleback Church."

"This principle of apprenticeship applies to every area of your life. It applies to how you handle other people’s money, how you handle other people’s possessions, and even how you handle other people’s ministry before God gives you your own."

"The small, unseen things you do are the seeds to God’s public blessing on your life," Warren said.

The megachurch pastor, Rick Warren posed some thought-challenging questions for readers, like "How does your faith influence and shape your integrity?" and "How does integrity reveal a person’s level of faithfulness?"

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