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Jan 23, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

"What Even Matters Anymore?" SNL Questions President Trump's Behavior And Evangelical Support

In the last episode of America's late-night TV show, Saturday Night Live, actress and film producer Jessica Chastain shared her frustrations about President Trump's behavior in a satirical skit titled "What Even Matters Anymore?"

In the "show", Chastain is the game show host, who asks contestants if something President Trump did or said "even matters anymore". The answer, according to her, is sadly always "no"

One example points a finger at the evangelical community of Trump supporters.

"The President has an extramarital affair with a porn star right after his wife gives birth to a son," Chastain says. "Then he pays the porn star to shut up. Does it even matter to, say, his evangelical base?"

Kenan Thompson, who plays a contestant named Bernard, buzzes in to say, "To evangelicals, of course, it matters! It's against everything that they stand for."

And the tone buzzes to tell everyone Bernard got it wrong.

"You'd think so, but no," says host Chastain. "They say he's just repented, and they forgive him. And Mike Pence is like, 'This my dude!'" 

The scenarios go on and on until they are entirely hypothetical, such as "Trump punches Pope: Does it even matter anymore?"

The skit, written and led by the Californian actress Jessica Chastain, was an outlet for her to vent, and the skit ends with "The host of tonight's show needs a hug!" at which point contestants pinch in to hug the distraught host.

Though satirical and dramatized, the SNL skit raises an important question that many people are asking: When the president says or does something offensive, what are the consequences?

What do you think matters about our president?

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