Jan 24, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Former Church For Life Pastor Accused Of Using Premarital Classes To "Satisfy His Sexual Fetishes"

A mother of two identified only as Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against former Church for Life pastor Robert Litzinger and his wife Cindy, for sexual battery, assault, and harassment. Her suit alleges that Robert Litzinger exploited his position in the church to "cultivate an atmosphere within Church for Life, through which he could satisfy his sexual fetishes," especially through premarital classes for women.

According to the Santa Maria Times, Litzinger stepped down as pastor in June 2016 after complaints were made to the church about opinions he allegedly shared regarding pornography in one of his pre-marital classes. Shortly after Litzinger stepped down, Jane Doe learned that she was not his only victim and that more than a dozen other women had similar experiences.

In pre-marital classes, Doe alleged that Litzinger sought to "prepare the young women for their husbands and their wedding night" and advised the women on how to masturbate, have an orgasm and explore their bodies so they could be "prepared and willing to do whatever their husbands wanted."

Litzinger also shared photos with Doe of himself and Cindy, covered in bed, with a note saying "just had a great session." He allegedly urged her to be equally as open with him about her sex life and persistently harassed her until she complied.

Doe also claims that Cindy facilitated her husband's sexual misconduct. She further charged that the pastor groped her breasts and genitals at a prayer group in his home. Doe complained to Cindy, who dismissed the incident as an "innocent mistake." Cindy's attorneys deny the allegations of aiding and facilitating Robert's abuse.

Doe also revealed that all complaints prior to 2016 "fell on deaf ears," and that the church simply directed her to speak with Litzinger about her concerns privately.

In the video below, Litzinger and his wife demonstrate an uncomfortable degree of openness about their sex life during a church service which was part of a "Kids Week" series. "My wife, my lover and we get to sleep together and all that kind of stuff," the ex-pastor said of his wife as he introduced her and their daughter on stage. "We slept great together last night too, just in case you were wondering," Cindy added, "We did great, we actually slept."

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