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Jan 30, 2018 by Abigail Sanchez

Our Favorite Songs From Cory Asbury's New Album "Reckless Love"

We love Cory Asbury's newest album Reckless Love. The song Reckless Love was released in October last year on iTunes as a single, and it has already changed the world, speaking about the incredible God who chases us down just to love us.

Cory Asbury has been an incredible worship leader for years, rising to fame in IHOP and continuing his music career now with Bethel Music. The worship has just gotten better and better.

The full album Reckless Love was released late last week, and the Apple Music editor describes it as "Soothing, heartfelt ballads, tender in melody and spirit."

It is just that. Here are our 3 favorites from the powerful album:

1. Reckless Love

2. Endless Alleluia

3. Water and Dust

If you haven't already, you can check it out on Apple Music or Spotify.

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