Feb 05, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Update: Pastor Greg Locke On Wife's Mental Health And Choice To Live In A Shelter

Controversial Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, who reaches millions through his notable Facebook video rants, offered an update on his divorce from his ex-wife and mother of his children, Melissa, whom he has "loved for 21 years." In an interview with the Christian Post, Locke confirmed that Melissa, by her choice, was living in a shelter and suffers from mental illness.

This newest development follows reports by fervent polemics ministry Pulpit & Pen that Locke coerced his wife to file for divorce and "literally put her on a bus", claims that Locke maintains are slanderous.

Bouncing between "embarrassment, defensiveness, and candor," Locke explained to the Christian Post that his family's battle with Melissa's mental illness has been ongoing.

"She's been in and out of mental health facilities but that is not where she is right now," Locke said when first asked if his wife was in a shelter. "She is at a place that helps ladies get on their feet again. The only reason why she is there is that the lady who runs it is like her grandmother, and so she's there. She's only there because of the comfort."

"It is a shelter there is no doubt," he clarified. "But it's not something like a homeless shelter. She's with the lady who runs the place."

Lock also maintained that he had virtually no control over Melissa's actions and that divorce is not something he supports or believes in: "The facts are she left. She lived across town for two weeks. She got on the bus. She left. We've done everything. I've sent money. I'm supportive. I'm in contact with caregivers on a regular basis. I'm getting updates ... it's not for a lack of trying. This happened four months ago."

Seth Dunn, the author of the Pulpit & Pen report, however, said that he, along with many former members of Locke's church and his own mother believe Locke's situation disqualifies him from ministry.

"From a doctrinal standpoint, if the guy has a mentally-ill wife and he has so much marriage trouble his house isn't in order, he shouldn't have been a pastor this whole time. And Greg's mom agrees with me on that," Dunn said. Locke confirmed to The Christian Post that Dunn did, in fact, interview his mother.

"Even if it is a poor testimony, which it is, that doesn't make me an adulterer," Locke said, highlighting Pulpit And Pen's initial claims that Locke had committed adultery with a church member. "I've never abused my wife. I've done nothing but serve her, help her. My kids are here because my kids choose to be here, because my kids know the truth, my kids live with me...I didn't divorce my wife or leave my wife. And long before she ever went to Georgia she'd already got an Uber, packed her stuff and left me."

Prior to her decision to leave, Locke says Melissa wasn't getting treatment for her mental illness but that she is being treated at the shelter.

Locke also said he hopes the attack on his ministry dies down soon as the raking up of his divorce details is now affecting his children. When asked by the CP if he was willing to step back from ministry, even temporarily, to save his family, he said would, but he didn't feel God leading him to do so at this time.

"If I feel like the Lord says you need to step away and take a sabbatical, I will," Locke said. "My kids, all they know is church. They love church. That's their ministry. That's what they love, that's where they feel the most grace and forgiveness and acceptance. You take that away from them, they know nothing else. All they know is the ministry of helping broken people and now just happen to be some of the brokest of all of us."

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